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Aviva Gitlin


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All therapy is currently online

I am a NY State Licensed Clinical Psychologist and certified Psychoanalyst.  Psychotherapy is about becoming conscious of who you are, and how you impact your world. People come for psychotherapy when the ways in which they are acting, behaving, and living in the world are no longer working well for them. All kinds of events can shake us up to the point where we need help to adjust to something new. I like to think psychotherapy is an experience in which you can focus on feelings that keep you stuck, and on feelings that help you grow. It is a place to find your own creative solution to how best to live life. 

I practice in White Plains, NY.

"Aviva Gitlin is a trusted colleague who works creatively and in depth to help couples and individuals change and

thrive. I recommend her highly."       Esther Perel

I help individuals and couples to

  • understand  themselves and each other,

  •  feel comfortable with feelings,

  •  heal from trauma and pain,

  • enable the building and repairing of nourishing relationships.  

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