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TWICE MONTHLY GROUP - meets Wednesdays 10.30am -12.00pm

Working with Sexuality in Couples and Individuals


In my work with couples my goal is to normalize endless conflict cycles, and point couples to a more generative and connected life together.  

In this group we will focus on

•    Many different approaches to helping couples work towards bringing out the best in each other, and surviving the worst in their partner and in their own self.

•    Helping couples develop empathy for their own defensive practices and for the defensive strategies used by the partner.

•    Learn to focus in on vitality, playfulness, complexity and acceptance.

•    Learn to base interventions on enhancing eroticism, creativity, humor and joy in couples.

•    Develop a comfort to speak directly about sexuality.


We will learn to integrate 

•    A psychoanalytic understanding of unconscious process.

•    The use of IFS as a tool for insight, healing, witnessing and reconnecting to a calmer, centered self.

•    A perspective that contextualizes relational patterns in the socio –political, cultural, economic and racial realities in which couples live.

•    An in-depth understanding of sexuality, and the central role of sexuality in the life of a couple and the self.

•    The use of narrative techniques to facilitate lasting change


If you are interested, please respond to me:

I am happy to answer questions about the group.


 “As a supervisor, Dr. Gitlin permanently shaped the way I see and work with my clients. Her guidance was always warm, personal and deeply knowledgeable. She has a magical way of providing structure to keep you grounded and safe, as well as space for you to explore and develop your own style.”

Lina Q. Perl, PsyD

Aviva Gitlin Psy.D is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice for 20 years. She teaches and supervises at WCSPP -Westchester Center for the Study of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy- where she also serves, as is the chair of the curriculum committee for the psychoanalytic programs.  Dr. Gitlin has trained as a couples therapist and sexuality therapist, with Esther Perel. 

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