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My Services

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  • We all experience times when we are challenged by relationships, and confused by our internal world

  • Therapy helps you understand your own process and your own mind

  • It will help with relationship issues

  • It will help with recovery from trauma

  • It will help with and depression

  • It will help with transitions and adjustment issues​

Individual Therapy

Therapy can help couples

  • who want to reduce conflict in their relationship or who have grown apart and want to rekindle connection

  • who seek to improve their erotic connection

  • who face specific challenges such as infidelity, trauma, parenting difficulties, loss or illness

  • who are in new relationships and may be in the process of negotiating their futures together

  • who are deciding whether or not to continue in this relationships

couples therapy
holding hands silently talking about int
  • We are all sexual beings

  • When we are experiencing sexual challenges, our quality of life is disrupted

  • For the past seven years my focus has turned to sex therapy with couples/individuals treating sexual challenges in areas of desire, sexual fantasy, arousal, orgasm, or sexual issues that interfere with a couple's happiness

  • I give couples & individuals a complex understanding of their sexual difficulties - incorporating physical, psychological, emotional, and relational dynamics

sex therapy
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